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KUKDONG HOIST is configuring a human-centered
human mechatronics world together with customers.

  • Overview of KUKDONG HOIST

    KUKDONG HOIST is a space of happiness made together with all of the employees of KUKDONG for the happiness of human kind that is improved through its more than 40 years of accumulated technology and to fulfill its corporate responsibility corporate responsibility.

    We produce all parts of loading and unloading machinery and have been recognized globally for our outstanding technologies, and we are a mecca of creative technologies that open the doors to future industries with various items.

    We always remember that customers are first as a global top maker and we offer transparent information in order to repay our customer’s continuous support.

KUKDONG HOIST Management Policy

Philosophy and Policy
Pursue the world’s best quality and best services to realize customer satisfaction

In order to grow into a company that leads the global loading and unloading machinery industry market in the global age, employees of KUKDONG are focusing on constructing the best quality management system and renewing creation and improvements to realize customer satisfaction through the world’s best quality.

Ethical Management
As a leader of loading and unloading machinery, we will create a hopeful future with the best quality

  1. 1. Transparent management :

    We do not ask for any favors, exercise pressure or make personal requests in no way or fashion to vendors.

  2. 2. Win-win cooperation :

    Unfair behavior using status is strictly prohibited, mutual respect with vendors, and the rights and responsibilities with customers are protected, and we always keep promises with customers.

  3. 3. Social responsibility :

    Our rule is to give dreams and hopes to neighbors in need, respect the dignity and right to happiness of humans, and comply with the rules on gender equality.

  4. 4. Environmental management :

    KUKDONG HOIST does not discharge harmful substances prohibited by law and observes environmental standards.

  5. 5. Quality management :

    We will strengthen training and create a mood for quality awareness, organize daily monitoring and observe strict tests.

  6. 6. Information security :

    We will strengthen management control, thoroughly destroy documents, and further increase security measures for information security of companies.

KUKDONG HOIST Organization Chart

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